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Papeete's nightlife is quite interesting to observe!


Tahiti is the ultimate South Pacific island paradise!


Tahiti serves as the gateway for cruisers traveling to the Society Islands and other South Pacific destinations.

Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico

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Tahiti Beaches

While Tahiti is called The Island of Love, its beaches are not as popular among tourists as those in Bora Bora, another island in the French Polynesia. Nonetheless, the beaches of Tahiti offer their own surprises. For one, it is a study in contrast, with pure white sand gracing the shores of the southwestern side of the island while black basalt sand lines the shores of the northeastern side. The landscapes, the sunsets and the sunrises are also breathtaking.

Because Tahiti is a tropical island, people who love to swim, to go diving and to go snorkeling will certainly have a great time in exploring the marine life that thrives underneath the crystal clear waters of the Tahiti. Tahiti is one of the more favored diving spots in the whole of the southern Pacific Ocean.

Tahiti Casinos

There are three casinos in Papeete all within a block of each other. Technically they are private clubs where local residents must pay dues, but overseas visitors can get in free by letting the dorman know you are a tourist Dress is smart casual with slacks for men and dresses for women.

There are no CFP or foreign currency import and export restrictions, except for reporting amounts above CFP 909,090; or FF 50,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.CFP are the common currency for French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Tahiti, and Wallis and Futuna.

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